The New Release of their Second Book with raw and fresh diet recipes!

The Forever Dog Life: 120+ Recipes, Longevity Tips, and New Science for Better Bowls and Healthier Homes

Things That Can Kill Your Dog

Here is a link to a list of common household items/foods that can harm and/or even kill your puppy! Please never feed your dog people food or candy and keep all indoor plant out of reach just to be safe. These are the animal hotline numbers you can call if you suspect your puppy/dog has eaten something toxic:

  1. ASPCA Poison Control:
    (888) 426-4435 ($50 fee)
  2. Animal Poison Hotline:
    888-232-8870 ($35 fee)
  3. Pet Poison Hotline:
    800-213-6680 ($35 fee)



While I only recommend feeding raw or fresh dog food, I understand not everyone has the time or money for these. So I provide the following for you to educate yourself about what kibble are the least and best on the market. 

Let’s talk about quality dog food for a minute, not all brands, or even types within brands are created equal. It doesn’t have to be difficult deciding which food suits your needs and your puppy’s needs. A generous fellow pet lover has done the work for you, so now you can download this .pdf file that offers you a systematic rating scale for any dog food you would ever buy, and it even has already calculated most of the common dog foods currently on the market for you. It absolutely does matter what you feed your dog, cheap or foods high in fillers can actually harm your dog!

Download the Dog Food Rating Calculator Here

Training Tips

A well trained dog is a well loved dog. Friends, family, and those in contact with you and your dog will appreciate the effort you put forth to teach your dog good social skills.
Cesar’s Way has some wonderful tips, educational DVDs and books for just about any behavior problem one could think of presented by my favorite trainer, Cesar Millan.

Preventing Hip Dysplasia

Even with the highest quality dog, with all of the clearances and a dysplastic-free family tree, a dog that is not maintained with proper nutrition and exercise can still develop hip dysplasia in their later years. Click here for a link with 5 simple ways to prevent your dog from suffering this horrible ailment. If you never use any other links or advice from my site, please at least use this one!

About Your Vet

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have a trusting relationship with an open line of communication with your vet. It’s no different than choosing a pediatrician for your child, or a general practitioner for yourself. PLEASE shop around if you feel their prices are too high, chances are you’re right and you can find a more affordable, and often more experienced, vet.

Read more: About Your Vets

AKC Golden Retriever Breed Standard

The World's Top Golden Retriever Kennels

We would like to acknowledge these kennels for providing us with the amazing foundation from which our beautiful English Cream Golden Retrievers are descended. Without their commitment to excellence and class, we would not have the amazing puppies we breed today! THANK YOU ALL!

Honorable Mention -

Mrs. Marilyn Morphet for her tireless patience and generosity of knowledge that she so openly shared with each new generation of golden retriever breeders and enthusiasts.