We are in the process of updating this page with videos and other resources, but while we're getting everything up and running, we wanted to share where we are now.

***We have personally fed every food listed below, so we have first-hand knowledge of the quality, price, and convenience of each.

After months of research and interviews from canine nutritionists, we've decided that the healthiest, most convenient, affordable, and as close to a complete and balanced diet for our dogs as possible are the following:



Unequivocally,  our favorite pre-made, prepackaged raw food for dogs!

Perfectly portioned packages with clean easy wrapping.


The pricing is reflected by the quality.


(one of my personal favorites)

Save 20% off now on your first order!


*Raw Paws has a wide variety of raw, fresh, and freeze dried that I think are excellent options.

RAW WILD is sourced from nature, not a feed lot. CLICK HERE for FREE SHIPPING on 48lb order!


***We've added this product because one of our puppy families has been feeding it their Shadymist puppy, Brianna, sinve sge was a puppy, 9 years ago. 😍


**This company has a wonderful selection of great raw, clean fresh treats, without question the best commercial treats available! 

*NEVER EVER feed your dog  COOKED BONES of any kind from any animal! Cooked bones are brittle and splinter and can cause tooth cracking, choking, or intestinal tears causing death.


FDA Reasons Not to Give Your Dog [cooked] Bones

This warning is for ALL COOKED bones, regardless of source or size. Raw small animal bones are perfectly safe and necessary for a balanced raw diet.

What bones are safe? Here's a good article, written by vets to guide you to the safest raw bones and why they need them.

**I cannot recommend any dry kibble, including the dog food on A Better Treat, because it includes meat meal and pea protein, both of which are harmful. So of you're trying improve your dog’s overall health and longevity, no kibble is good for dogs. No exception. Some are just more dangerous than others. However, I wanted to include this site because their treats are outstanding!

Click here or on the above image to watch a short video explaining why certain foods, like dry kibble, peas protein, and meat meal. Mariah has it all worked out and makes it easy to understand and easier to determine what foods are good or harmful for your dog.

***Although we have not ordered or fed K9 Cravings Raw, we have a couple puppy families that swear by it! 

In addition to raw, we also recommend fresh instead of dry kibble from any/all of the following vendors:

We are currently feeding BJ's Raw Dog Food to our own dogs. If you click on the link above, it takes you to their site. We appreciate it if you could use my referral code "9120." It doesn't effect your pricing or any discounts or any sales they're running. Instead,  it simply gives us credit for referring you. So when you purchase from their website, if you use our link here, or enter our code (9120" when ordering directly from their site, it goes towards helping us support our dogs, and help you keep your own adult puppies living long healthy lives. ❤️

This holds true for all of the links above. You DO NOT pay more, or forfeit any discounts or active clearances or sales by using our affiliate links, they simply gives us credit for the referrals and that adds up to meals for my own dogs (pennies at a time in most cases), eventually. 😉

Please know that we appreciate your willingness to use our affiliate links, or referral codes.