Our Mission

We strive to ensure that every puppy we bring in to this world has the greatest potential for a long, healthy life; big bones and blocky heads; and most importantly an affable disposition and temperament for which goldens are famously known. Ultimately, our greatest responsibility is matching each puppy with their perfect family for a positive, successful, and enriching relationship for both the families and the puppies they choose that will last a lifetime.


We do NOT sell 2 puppies together, or puppies to families with a dog under 1 year old in their home due to "Littermate Syndrome."

To understand what this is and why it's important, see this excellent explanation here.


About Us

We are on the southside of Richmond, VA. We welcome an opportunity to share our passion for the English Cream Golden Retriever with anyone interested in learning more and getting to know this breed! Just call to make an appointment with at least 24 hours’ notice as this is our home, not a kennel. (When we have young litters we do not receive guests or visitors until the pups are at least 4 weeks old.) If you are willing to visit here to pick out your puppy at 4 weeks old, then we can send him/her to you via plane once he/she is old enough to fly if you are too far to drive, for an additional charge, within the continental United States. We do NOT sell puppies “sight unseen.”

We only use Petsafe through United Airlines and all puppies are sent out of Dulles International Airport. Our “shipping” fees are a bit higher than some other breeders because we ONLY PUT PUPPIES ON DIRECT FLIGHTS! We never allow our puppies on connecting or layover flights. No exceptions.

Everything Else
I am always available for past, current, and future puppy families and friends so please feel free to call or email me any time with any questions, or suggestions for additional resources. If there is something you’d like to see here, let me know. If you have questions that aren’t answered here, let me know… I appreciate all the feedback and help I can get! You can email us here. You are welcome to call or text anytime as well at (804) 683-9544. And, please, when you get your puppy, don’t forget about me, and remember to send me photos once in a while!!!

All of our dogs and puppies are proudly registered with the American Kennel Club

Click on the AKC logo to go to our AKC Breeder's page.

The Complete Guide To Golden Retrievers

This book is a must-have for anyone considering getting a golden puppy! I, along with several other reputable golden breeders were interviewed for the book and are highlighted thoughothroughout. You'll also find several Shadymist dogs and puppies featured, including everyone’s favorite boy. 

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