"I am so happy my research led me to Shadymist Kennel years ago. My 2 boys are soon to be 7 and 3. Marnie is always available if I have any questions. Her doggy family is healthy, beautiful and beyond loved and cared for. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a professional, loving breeder."

Wendy H.


"I waited over a year for my Truman.

Marnie picked the perfect puppy for me. My friends could not believe I did not drive to Richmond to pick out my “pick of the litter”; however, I had described the look and the temperament of my ideal puppy. She sent me pictures to choose from and I immediately chose the one she had chosen for me. Truman is everything I ever wanted and more.  

I have called Marnie many times for advice and she immediately returns my calls.

I have a 12 year old golden in his Golden Years and when he crosses “The Rainbow Bridge”, I will get another Shadymist puppy ASAP. 

You cannot go wrong doing business with Marnie!!❤️"

Louise S.

*(Louise came back a few years later and added a second Shadymist pup to her family, Henry, whom she also had us pick out for her.)


"It is clear how much Marnie cares about her dogs and the families of her dogs. She was wonderful to work with from day 1 and I am so grateful for her dedication, advice, support, and the wonderful gift of Moose.  I would 100% recommend Shadymist Kennel to those looking for a reputable and knowledgeable breeder for golden retrievers."

Amanda D.


"Rey is a perfect example of the great dogs you produce…and Rey is that big blocky head golden we like."

Tim. R

"Marnie, thank you so much for your help and for setting the bar so high for what a breeder should be. We feel blessed to have found you.

Your approach to breeding and your interaction with your dogs] will always be the Gold Standard to which we compare all others.

My best, Karen B.😊


In 2015 we got our Molly from Shadymist Kennel.  The entire experience was wonderful.  Marnie was great about keeping us informed throughout the whole process. This was our 1st family dog and Marnie took the time to get to know us and match us with the perfect dog.  We can’t imagine a better addition to our family than Molly (MajiK x Luke puppy)! Every day she brings us such joy."

Joe M.


"This is my first pet and knowing that Marnie was very patient with me and answered all my questions
She did everything that she promised (microchip, health checkups, akc registration, etc)
Also Zeus(Shadymist puppy) has a great temperament and is a perfect example of a golden retriever
I highly recommend considering Shadymist Kennel if you are looking to get yourself a golden retriever.

Thank you Marnie!!"

Prasad I.


"My family has two Shadymist dogs, Gunner and Sadie. We loved Gunner so much we brought Sadie home a few years later. They are best friends, have the most amazing temperaments and they complete our family. Marnie is meticulous as a breeder and cares deeply about every dog she places with a family."

Daryl & Stacy B


"Choosing a new member of your family is daunting! Shadymist helps making the addition easier by bringing out all the best of English Cream Golden Retriever traits to her home-raised dogs. We made the choice of Shadymist after loosing our American Golden--we love the breed in general but wanted to try and avoid the health issues of the American line. Nothing is guaranteed (nature has the final say) but Shadymist is very visible in the breeding lines and Marnie a stickler for making the best choices possible in breeding. We now have a lovely, loving male from Shadymist and he is wonderful! Marnie keeps up with her extended furry family and is an ongoing resource for information. Home raised pups (no cages in a barn or concrete runs, here!) and loved from the moment of birth, the English Cream Golden Retrievers from Shadymist are defintely some of the best!"

Paul & April O.